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Micro, along with Grow and Bloom form a nutrient base that is valid for the vegetative and flowering stages, simply changing the doses. With the Ph technology, you can perfectly regulate the Ph with the Advanced additive that come with them.

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Micro, together with Grow and Bloom by Advanced Nutrients, form a base that is valid not just for the vegetative stage but also the flowering stage, you just have to change the dose from one to the other. Use it together with the other Advance Nutrient additives and follow the simple diagram, and you will get harvests like you never before imagined.

With this nutrient base, you will be assured that you are providing an adequate Ph when you water your plants, since it automatically detects the level that it should be at according to the additives that you put in, to favor better absorption for the plant. 

Micro is responsible for providing the micro nutrients and the essential elements for thecorrect development of the plant with your mix in the water you use for the plant; assuring yourself some strong and healthy plants with a high tolerance to stress generated by artificial light, cold or other factors.

You can get some professional results at a low cost, which means a significant savings on cash. Advanced Nutrients will make your crop a top quality product.

Dosage and how to use the Micro pH Perfect by Advanced Nutrients:

The recommended dose by the maker is 4ml x liter of each nutrient in the base, which will be:

4ml/L of Grow  4ml/L  Micro   4ml/L of Bloom,  over the entire life cycle

We recommend some specific doses, depending on whether it is in vegetative or the flowering phase:

  • Vegetative : 6ml/L of Grow  4ml/L of Micro  y 2ml/L of Bloom.
  • Flowering : 2ml/L of Grow  4ml/L of Micro y  6ml/L of Bloom.

Composition of Micro pH Perfect by Advanced Nutrients:

  • Nitrógeno 2%
  •  -2% Nitric nitrogen.
  • Calcium 2.4%
  •  -2,4% Calcium soluble in water.
  • Magnesium 0.1%
  •  -0.1% Magnesium soluble in water.
  • Boron 0.02%
  • Iron 0.05%
  •  -0.05% Iron chelates.
  • Manganese 0.02%
  •  -0.02% Manganese chelates.


  • H2 (humic acid).
  • Wet Betty (nonionic surfactant).
  • Calcium nitrate.
  • Magnesium nitrate.
  • Amino calcium chelates.
  • DTPA iron.
  • EDDHA iron.
  • EDTA iron.
  • Amino iron chelates.
  • Manganese EDTA.
  • Amino manganese chelates.
  • Zinc EDTA.
  • Amino zinc chelates.
  • Amino boron chelate.
  • Copper EDTA.
  • Amino copper chelates.
  • Molybdenum Aminoquelate.
  • Cobalt aminoquelate.
  • EDTA free form.
  • L-alanine.
  • L-orginine.
  • L-aspartic acid.
  • L-cystine / cysteine.
  • L-glutamic acid.
  • L-glycine.
  • L-histidine.
  • L-hydroxyproline.
  • L-isoleucine.
  • L-leucine.
  • L-lysine.
  • L-methionine.
  • L-phenylalanine.
  • L-proline.
  • L-serine.
  • L-threonine.
  • L-tryptophan.
  • L-tyrosine.
  • L-valine.
  • Amino magnesium chelate.
  • Patented blend of flowering cofactors extracted from plants.
  • Patented balanced and stabilized pH blend.

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