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Biobizz's BioBloom is a 100% organic fertilizer. Adding this fertilizer to your irrigation water will give your plants an excellent flowering cycle with organic fertilizers.

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BioBizz's BioBloom is a base fertilizer for flowering with 100% natural ingredients that will provide the necessary nutrients for your plants to produce an abundant flowering. It is ideal to replace the Bio-Grow that is used in the vegetative phase.

This fertilizer is used in grows with organic substrates such as soil or coconut. It is not suitable for irrigation systems, its components could clog pipes and drippers and cause serious damage to the plants.

Bio-Bloom can be combined with other brands to increase performance, but if you want to give them a professional diet of nutrients, consult the complete BioBizz fertilizer table.

With Bio Bloom, you will bring a spark of life to your soil, activating the microbiological life and helping the roots to develop quickly. Add Top max from the moment you see the flowers appear to accelerate the flowering and get an explosion of resinous flowers at the end of the harvest.

Bio-Bizz BioBloom dosage and emulsification:

  • Add 2 to 4 ml per liter of water, from the beginning of flowering to harvest, increasing the dose as the plant progresses, starting with 2ml and ending with 4ml.

BioBizz Bio Bloom Composition:

NPK 2-7-4

  • Nitrogen 1.9%.
  • Ammonium 0.48%.
  • Nitrate 1.15%.
  • Phosphorus 6.9%.
  • Potassium 4,1%.

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