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BioBizz's Fish Mix makes the substrate an ideal place for promoting the life of the microorganisms that live there, acting beneficially in the vegetative cycle of the plant, accelerating its development.

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BioBizz Fish Mix is a base fertilizer developed for outdoor grows with a fish emulsion that will revitalize your substrate, giving life to the microorganisms that live in the earth and accelerating the growth process. It can be applied both in irrigation and by spraying, acting on the plant and releasing its agents through the roots to the substrate.

This fertilizer with stimulating effects is specifically designed for outdoor crops, causing an accelerated growth of roots and shoots. With nutrient-laden substrates such as All-Mix a minimum dose (1ml / L) is added, in substrates with a lower concentration of nutrients such as BioBizz Light-Mix you should apply increasing doses (2-5ml / L). The first two weeks of the life cycle you should apply a reduced foliar dose (0.5ml / L), of very low concentration, above and below the leaflets of the seedlings.

Fish Mix by BioBizz contains an elaborate cocktail of nutrients based on fish and sugar beets that give your plants the components they need to experience an explosive growth. It is a product with such rapid effects and that produces plants so large that we only advise their use in indoor crops if you plan to grow your plants in the SCRoG style. It is also recommended to have a good ventilation system to avoid problems with bad odors.

To give your plants a correct and precise fertilizing with professional results you can consult BioBizz's complete nutrient table.

Dosage and how to use Fish Mix by Bio Bizz:

In soils with a lot of nutrients:

  • Add 2-4 ml / L to your irrigation water. Apply at each irrigation in the growth phase and even in the first weeks of flowering as the main contribution.

In soils with few nutrients:

  • Add 1ml / L to your irrigation water. Use in each irrigation in vegetation and in the first weeks of flowering as the main contribution of nutrients.

Seedlings and cuttings:

  • Add 0.5ml / L to the water to be applied by spraying. Spray on and under the leaves.


NPK 5-3-4

  • 5% Nitrogen
  • - Ammoniacal 1%
  • - Nitrate 0.4%
  • - Organic Nitrogen 3.6%
  • 1% Phosphorus
  • 4% Potassium

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