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Leaf-Coat Spray by BioBizz is a protector that provides a second skin to your plants to protect them from evaporation and pests. A product that is made with natural latex.

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BioBizz's Leaf-Coat Spray is a revolutionary additive that provides a second skin to your plants to prevent evaporation and deter pests. It is a product made from latex that creates a thin layer on your plants that is totally transparent that lets light and humidity pass but which is thick enough to repel insects, mites and fungi.

It comes directly in a sprayer for your convenience and you do not have to worry about changing the container liquid. You will simply have to spray your plants until they are completely soaked. It is applied a couple of times a week from the beginning until a few weeks before cutting them.

With this product your plants will be able to withstand temperatures up to 28ºC without transpiring too much of the available water in their surface. It also prevents your plants from absorbing more nutrients than they can assimilate, helping to almost completely avoid over fertilization. At the same time, if temperatures drop, it can warm the plant enough to maintain an acceptable pace of development even when temperatures drop below 17 ° C.

Dosage and how to use  LeafCoat Spray by BioBizz:

This product comes ready to apply directly, without mixing or diluting.

Spray until the plants' surface is covered, twice a week until two weeks before cutting them.

Composition of Leaf-Coat Spray by Bio Bizz:

  • 100% natural latex.

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