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Bio Vega by Bio Canna will supply everything your plants need during the growth stage. Give your plants a fertilizer rich in nitrogen. OMRI and CU certificated. Product 100% organic.

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Bio Vega by Bio Canna is a strong base fertilizer for the growth stage, with which you’ll provide all the nutrients your plants need to be healthy and grow fast in order to flower soon. With organic ingredients guaranteed by its OMRI and CU certificates, you can safely use it in your organic crops or garden.

Your plants will stay green all the time and will grow very fast. This fertilizer is the result of the extensive experience of Canna growing marijuana plants. The yield its produces surpass those of many mineral fertilizers. Surprisingly, it’s a natural product. Who would have thought? Once you see the results, you’ll understand you chose one of the best products for organic agriculture.

We don’t recommend supplying Bio Vega by Bio Canna via irrigation systems in order to prevent the clogging of the tubes and drippers.

You’ll harvest plants with a nice, natural perfume, with flowers free of an excess of nutrients, that will be highly valued on the marked

BioVega by Bio Canna can be combined with BioRhizotonic to further accelerate the process (indoors) or to obtain larger plants (outdoors). You’ll replace Bio Vega by Bio Flores once you see the first pistils (those beautiful white hairs) to take advantage of the full potential of your plants.

Bio Vega’s dosage and usage:

  • Add2mL per each litre of water and alternate irrigations with nutrient-less water.
  • It’s not necessary to adjust the irrigation water’s pH.
  • It’s advisable to use the solution within 24h.

BioVega’s composition:

NPK 2-1-5

  • 2% Nitrogen.
  • 1% Phosphorus.
  • 5% Potassium.

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