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Canna Flush by Canna is a root cleaner that allows for crops to develop the best taste while respecting the beneficial life present in the substrate.

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Canna Flush by Canna is a root cleaner that allows for the obtaining of crops of the best taste. All this while the beneficial life for the plants in the substrate, something that doesn’t happen when we use only distilled water.

With this powerful additive by Canna, you’ll ensure the buds will have its original taste, removing side effects such as dryness of the mouth or a scratchy smoke. Once applied, the plants will stop assimilating nutrients from the substrate and will start using their reserves, which are responsible of the unwanted side effects described above.

This product lets reusing inert substrates such as arlite, perlite or rockwool, taking away the remains of salts and nutrients; it leaves them like new to start a crop from the beginning. However, it is advisable to mix your reused substrates with newer ones at a 50% to obtain the best results.

Canna Flush’s dosage and usage:

To clean the excess of nutrients:

  • Add 2mL per litre of water and irrigate until the water drips from below and afterwards irrigate just with water. Then, stick to the fertilizing schedule.

To clean before the harvest:

  • Dilute 2mL per litre of water and irrigate abundantly two weeks before the cutting.
  • You can repeat the process one week before the harvest.

To reuse inert substrates:

  • Wash the substrate with abundant water and then submerge it in a solution made of 4mL of Canna Flush per litre of water.

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