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Magnesium Mononutrient by Canna is the main element needed for the photosynthesis, thus essential for the life of your plants. It’s also part of other pigments.

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Magnesium Mononutrient by Canna is the main component of the chlorophyll molecule, being essential for the life of the plants. Chlorophyll is a molecule that transforms light energy inside the chloroplasts, organelles that capture photons, located in the cytoplasm. It’s used to bond atoms in order to form ATP and ADP molecules that store and transport energy inside the plants.

The presence of magnesium in the growth medium gets the plants ready for a vigorous growth and abundant flowering, so many growers use it to replace the usual stimulators used with fertilizers.

Magnesium Mononutrient by Canna can be used to cover the deficiencies of this element. You’ll see that your plants lack magnesium if the older leaves start showing small yellow dots that later turn orange and end up in necrosis.

Canna Magnesium’s dosage and usage:

  • Add 1-2mL per litre of water and combine it with other mononutrients in order to create your own fertilizer.
  • It can be used as a growth or flowering stimulator, adding it before the base fertilizer. Check the Ec and then add the base until reaching the value your plants require depending on the development stage.
  • It can be applied via roots of leaves.

Canna Magnesium’s composition:

  • 7% Magnesium Oxide.

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