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Canna Start by Canna is a cocktail of essential nutrients meant for the first stages of our plants. Special fertilizer with the proportions adapted to seedlings and clones.

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Canna Start by Canna is a cocktail of the essential nutrients for the first stages of our plants, such as the germination of the seeds or when we move the cuttings to a pot, to make sure they root when transplanted. You’ll provide a balanced level of nutrients not risking an overfertilization.

This product only contains water-soluble components and is perfectly compatible with any automatic irrigation system with drippers, flooding, NTF, etc. It can be used with any kind of substrate, like hydroponic, rock wool, coco fibre or earth.

It’s used once the seeds and cuttings have grown the first roots because if used before it can be absorbed.

You can do a very diluted foliar application to give them an extra push right from the start. Try not to soak the seedlings in very humid environments with high temperatures and no ventilation, since those are the perfect conditions for certain strains of fungi to grow, which are deadly for your plants during this sensitive stage.

With Canna Start you can irrigate your plants in small pots during the first growth stage, avoiding the problems due to the lack of nutrients.

Canna Start’s dosage and usage:

  • Add 1-4mL per litre of water and irrigate.
  • For foliar applications, dilute 0.5-2mL per lire and spray on both sides of the leaves.

Canna Start’s composition:

NPK 2-1-2

  • 1.5% Nitrogen
  • 1% Phosphorus
  • 1.8% Potassium
  • 1% Calcium
  • 0.5% Magnesium
  • 0.1% Sulphur
  • 0.021% Iron
  • 0.007% Boron
  • 0.001% Copper
  • 0.014% Manganese
  • 0.002% Molybdenum
  • 0.007% Zinc

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