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Iron by Canna is a mononutrient fertilizer, indispensable for your plants, responsible of their vital functions and metabolism. To better adjust your nutrient mix and correct deficiencies as needed

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Iron by Canna is a mononutrient that adds Fe to your irrigation mix. Iron is responsible of many vital functions of the metabolism. It’s indispensable for your plants in small quantities. This product has been developed to better adjust the nutrient mix and to correct deficiencies as needed.

Iron is a difficult mineral to absorb. It’s necessary for a correct photosynthesis, since it’s the main component of chlorophyll, and is also important to transport the nutrients and energy in the plant. Mother plants usually suffer from deficiencies of this mineral, which is then passed down to the clones.

In order to prevent your plant from having problems assimilating iron, this formula includes it as EDDHA molecules and EDTA chelates, which are assimilable in a wide range of pH.

Correct advanced chlorosis problems, due to iron deficiency, in your marijuana plants. When the leaves of your plants turn all yellow but the nerves, it’s a signal that there’s a problem with the assimilation of iron (or there’s nor iron present in the substrate).

Iron by Canna’s dosage and usage:

  • Normal Irrigation:
  • Add 0.75mL per litre of water
  • At the first signs of iron deficiency:
  • Add 1mL per litre of water.

Plants with advanced chlorosis due to iron deficiency:

  • Add 2 mL per litre of water.

Iron by Canna’s composition:

  • 0.1% Iron

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