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pH+ by Canna is a product used to raise the irrigation water’s pH level if necessary. A few millilitres will be more than enough to make sure your plants absorb all the needed nutrients.

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Ph+ by Canna is used to raise the irrigation water’s pH level if necessary. A few millilitres will be more than enough to make sure your plants absorb all the needed nutrients.

The acidity level (pH) of your growth medium determines at what speed and what nutrients can be assimilated by your plants, so controlling this important parameter is a must for crops where profitability is an issue. You may be adding nutrients to the substrate to only drain them away when you irrigate, or even they may block the absorption of other nutrients if the pH is not appropriate.

Generally speaking, plants can assimilate huge amounts of most of the chemical elements in pH ranging from 5.5 to 6.6. You may have to adjust the pH level depending on the growth medium: aqueous (hydro or aero), soil or coco fibre.

In aqueous media, it’s usually kept between 5.5 and 5.8 during the growth stage, raising it to 5.8-6.2 during the flowering.

In soil, it’s a little bit more complicated. You have to take a sample of damped soil and drain it on a filter paper placed in container to collect the filtered water coming out of the substrate. Then, you can measure the obtained liquid’s pH. If the value lays between 5.5 and 6.5, you can irrigate as usual, adjusting the irrigation water to that pH. If it’s above or below, you must prepare a nutrient mix with a higher or lower pH in order to compensate that of the substrate. If the soil’s pH is above 6.5, the mix will be under 5.5 and, conversely, if it’s under 6.5, you must irrigate with a mix whose pH is above 6.5.

In coco, the water’s pH must be adjusted to 5.5-6.5. Irrigate as usual.

WARNING! It causes serious burns when in contact with skin or mucosae. Read carefully the safety instructions marked on the container before using it.

pH+’s dosage and usage:

  • Measure the nutrient mix’s pH level.
  • If it’s under 5.5, add pH+ drop by drop until reaching the desired value.
  • If the pH is over 6.5, use pH- Growth or pH- Bloom by Canna.

pH+’s composition:

  • 5% Potassium hydroxide

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