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PK 13/14 by Canna is a product meant to be added to base fertilizers during the last stages of the flowering in order to obtain an explosion of huge, tight and resinous buds.

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PK 13/14 by Canna is a blooming fertilizer that is added to other base fertilizer during the last stage of the crop. It will foster an explosive flowering of huge, tight and resinous buds. It’s very easy to use and yields excellent results both indoors and outdoors.

You have to add this powerful product when the flowers are already formed. You’ll see how many more calyxes show up and make tighter buds, obtaining an impressive consistence. It’s important to use the right dosage and to measure the Ec levels to prevent the overfertilization of the plants, since it could be a problem for our plants.

It is always combines with a flowering base such as Terra Flores by Canna, to provide more phosphorus and potassium. These elements play an important role in the flower production and in the assimilation and transportation of other nutrients.

PK 13/14 by Canna will multiply its effects if combined with theC anna Boost Accelerator, since they reinforce each other, increasing even more the number of flowers produced by your plants.

PK 13/14’s dosage and usage:

  • Gradually add 0.5-1.5 mL per litre or nutrient mix to every irrigation, from the third flowering week (when the flowers are already formed) and during two weeks.

PK 13/14’s composition: 

NPK 0-13-14

  • 13% Phosphorus
  • 14% Potassium

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