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Potassium Mononutrient by Canna is a fertilizer specially designed to cover the potassium deficiencies of our plants, but it also useful to stimulate the flowering.

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Potassium Mononutrient by Canna can be used to cover the deficiencies of this element. This chemical element is indispensable for the proper development of our plants. It takes part in the internal mechanisms that transport the water inside the plant and, with it, the nutrients. It’s also needed for many other metabolic functions.

Potassium is an essential nutrient for our plants, especially during the flowering. It’s required to synthesize proteins and carbohydrates, moving them along the plant. Potassium is directly absorbed by the plant and strengthen is structure.

Potassium is needed for many vital functions and is more needed during the flowering stage, helping the transportation of energy and nutrients inside the plant, accelerating the physiological processes, what will translate into plants with larger flowers.

The deficiency of this element takes a while to be noticed in your plants, that will grow many branches but thin and brittle. Later, their leaves will show signs of problems, such as its tips and edges turning grey and eventually turning brown like rust. If the process is not corrected, it will go on and the green color will become lighter from edges in. It will end up in a total necrosis of the leaves that will twist and turn brittle.

Potassium Mononutrient can be used as a supplement to correct deficiencies or as a substitute of the flowering stimulator. Used on your plants, they’ll have available what they need to properly grow.

Canna Potassium’s dosage and usage:

  • Add 1-2 mL per litre of nutrient mix.
  • It can’t be combined with fertilizer containing calcium or potassium.
  • An excess of potassium can cause a deficiency of calcium and magnesium.

Use the appropriate dose not to harm your plants.

Canna Potassium’s composition:

NPK 0-0-20

  • 20% Potassium

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