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Rhizotonic by Canna is a root stimulator that will increase its contact zone with the medium your plants are growing in, optimising the nutrient assimilation.

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Rhizotonic by Canna is a powerful a root stimulator that will multiply the roots of your plants, obtaining a perfect assimilation of nutrients. This product is applied at the beginning of the crop, at the beginning of the flowering and after each transplantation.

The roots of your plants will experiment a fast growth that will allow for an extraordinary vigor during the vegetative growth. It is used to make our plants have a strong and very healthy radicular system that every day assimilates more nutrients than the day before.

Rhizotonic by Canna has been developed from vegetal ingredients, 100% organic, that provide a greater resistance to diseases while improving their quality.

It is usually combined with a fertilising base that will supply the necessary nutrients for their good growth. You could also use it with fertilising media such as Canna Terra Profesional Plus, of coco fibre with Bio Tabs, to give your plants the radicular system they need to feed properly.

Take a look at the crop table by Canna in order to obtain excellent results by applying their scientists’ knowledge to your crop.

You can use Rhizotonic by Canna as a germination accelerator by submerging the seeds in Rhizotonic diluted in water. The coat will soften, letting the root sprout easily, and it will also provide an extra dose of nutrients to grow stronger.

Rhizotonic’s dosage and usage:

  • Watering:
  • Add 4mL per each litre of nutrient solution (or water if you use a prepared substrate.)
  • Water the plants from 1 to 6 times a day until a strong radicular system is formed.
  • Foliar feeding:
  • Add 4mL per each litre of water and spray on and under the leaves from 1 to 6 times a day.
  • We recommend using lower doses when spraying on the leaves.
  • You must not use foliar and radicular applications at the same time.
  • Germination accelerator for marijuana seeds:
  • Dilute 4mL in a litre of water
  • Place part of the solution in a small container (make sure all your seeds and the liquid fit in it.)
  • Submerge your seeds for about an hour.
  • Place your seeds in the substrate you usually use to germinate your seeds.

Don’t let the seeds stay in the solution for long, since they may not germinate and, in case they did, they’d be “damned” by the excess of nutrients.

Rhizotonic’s composition:

NPK 0.6-0.2-0.6

  • 0.6% Nitrogen.
  • 0.2% Phosphorus.
  • 0.6% Potassium.
  • Seaweed extract.

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