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Bio Protect by GHE is a revolutionary product that protects our plants by building a strong epidermis, giving the cell wall such a thickness that pathogens will be unable to penetrate it.

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Bio Protect by GHE (foliar applied) protects your plants by building a second skin.

It will reinforce the cell wall in such a way that pathogens will be unable to penetrate it.

It has essential oils and amino acids that work at the hormonal level of your plants, inducing an acceleration of the enzymatic processes and, therefore, accelerating the growth.

Bio Protect by GHE is able to substantially improve the health of your plants and to stimulate the growth and flowering to make the most out of your plants.

This product only contains first-class ingredients so your plants develop an excellent defensive system.

It’s combined with a good nutrients base that provides your plants with the necessary nutrients to properly grow and flower. You can check the complete feeding chart by General Hydroponics Europe.

Dosage and usage of Bio Protect by GHE:

  • Dilute 5mL per litre and spray on both sides of the leaves once a week for three weeks.

Stop its application after the third week.

Composition of Bio Protect by GHE:

  • Essential oils of plants.
  • Amino acids extracted from fruits and plants.

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