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FloraGro by GHE is a growth base fertilizer that supplies the essential nutrients for the correct development of your plants during their first stage.

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FloraGro by GHE is an excellent growth base that provides the essential nutrients, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, needed for an explosive growth during the early stages of your marijuana crop. It will be supplemented with a root stimulator and a growth stimulator to accelerate the first stage of your crop.

It’s an excellent fertilizer for the beginning of your plants with the necessary amount of nitrogen for them to show a shiny green color . Your plants will grow strong and healthy with all their systems fully working. It’s used in combination with Flora Micro and Flora Bloom.You’ll only have to adjust the dose according to the current stage.

FloraGro, FloraMicro and FloraBloom have been specially formulated so that your plants don’t lack anything throughout the whole cycle. Its ingredients are completely water-soluble and 100% assimilable by your plants. It can be safely used in aeroponics, hydroponics, in coco fibre and soil, with automatic irrigation systems, never risking clogs due to salt precipitation.

You can check General Hydroponics Europe's complete feeding chart to maximize the results of your crops.

Dosage and usage of FloraGro by GHE:

In soil:

  • Use 2.5mL per 10 litres during the first stages of the plant, once it has three nodes.
  • Raise it to 5mL per 10 litres during the 3rd and 4th weeks of growth.
  • For the first two flowering weeks, use 9mL per 10 litres, and then lower the dose to 3mL per litres until the end of the crop.

The last week of before the harvest, you can flush the roots with FloraKleen if you think it necessary.

In hydro, aero, coco and NFT:

  • Use 2.5mL per 10 litres in equal parts with Floramicro and Florabloom during the first days of the plant’s life and raise it to 7mL per 10 litres during the last week of growth.
  • During the first two weeks of the flowering, use 15mL per 10 litres of water and the following weeks, 5mL per 10 litres.

Use it with the other nutrients on the feeding table, and especially with FloraMicro and FloraBloom to obtain a professional crop.

Composition of FloraGro by GHE:

NPK 3-1-6

  • 3% Nitrogen
  • 1% Phosphorus
  • 6% Potassium
  • 0.8% Magnesium

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