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Mineral Magic by GHE is a compound rich in silicates assimilable by your plants that will enable them to form strong stems and branches to support weight of the buds.

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Mineral Magic by GHE is a powder rich in silicates that is easily assimilable by the plants. In hydro, it lets them form strong stems and branches to support the weight of the buds and, in the soil, it activates the beneficial microbiological life. It includes multiple trace elements that will transform the root zone into a favourable ecosystem.

In hydroponics, it’s used in foliar application to give your plants the supply of liquid silicate they need, since this element isn’t usually present among the ingredients of most fertilizers on the market. It’s not advisable its combination with microorganism colonies such as Tricoderma harzianum because, when it dissolves in water, its acid form greatly reduces their reproduction rate.

In soil, on the other hand, it will activate the present microorganisms and perfectly combine with any bacteria or fungi beneficial to plants. It will also strengthen the immune system by providing a healthy balance in the soil.

Mineral Magic by GHE increases your plants’ ability to assimilate nutrients and stabilizes the pH and EC of the nutrient solution so your plants don’t suffer from stress.

Dosage and usage of Mineral Magic by GHE:

Directly in powder:

  • As a pre-emptive treatment against fungi in seedbeds, cuttings and seedlings:
  • Sprinkle a teaspoon on the stem’s base of each plant.
  • As a mineral supplement to prevent attacks of pythium and fusarium:
  • Add one to two spoons under each dripper or on the area where you apply the irrigations.

Dissolved in water as foliar application:

  • Add 100g of Mineral Magic per litre of water, shake well and let stand for 3 days, shaking it occasionally.

Before spraying with a nebulizer it’s convenient to filter the mix.

Composition of Mineral Magic by General Hydroponics Europe:

  • 59.6% Silicate
  • 4.7% Iron
  • 2.5% Magnesium
  • 2.0% Sulphur
  • And another 65 mineral salts

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