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The pH Test Kit by GHE is very practical. It comes with an indicator to measure the pH of your nutrient solution and a transparent bottle to place the sample. 

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The pH Test Kit by GHE is very practical and economical. It comes with a reagent to measure the pH of your nutrient solution and a transparent bottle to test the sample with two drops of the reagent. If the color obtained after stirring the sample is between light orange and light green, the pH is at the level required by your plants.

If the result is between dark green and blue, you have to adjust the level of acidity with pH Down so your plants can correctly assimilate the micro-elements present in the solution.

However, if the result gives us an orange color moving towards red, you have to use pH Up to correct the acidity so your plants can assimilate without problems the macro elements present in your irrigation mix.

With this simple tester, you can always keep the correct pH level so your plants assimilate all the nutrients applied with each irrigation and grow strong and healthy.

To adjust even more the doses that you provide your plants with, it’s advisable to measure the irrigation water's Ec as well.

Dosage and usage of pH Test Kit by GHE:

  • Fill the transparent bottle halfway with a sample of the prepared and rested nutrient solution.
  • Add 2 drops of the reagent liquid into the bottle.
  • Cover the bottle and shake well.
  • Compare the color with the table on the label of the liquid reagent.
  • If necessary, adjust the pH with pH Up or pH Down and let it rest for a couple of minutes.

Repeat again until the irrigation water has the desired pH level.

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