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Blossom Blaster by Grotek is added at the start of the flowering period to shorten the nodes which increases the amount of buds right from the first flowering stage, which in turn increases the final yield’s weight.

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Blossom Blaster by Grotek is a flowering accelerator that is added at the beginning of the bloom period; it shortens the nodes on the trunk which increases the quantity of pistils all over the plant. A second dose will guarantee an absolutely explosive start to the flowering period.

This powerful powdered additive is designed to give spectacular results during the beginning of the flowering period, producing more flowers with an incredible aroma.

Blossom Blaster by Grotek slows vertical growth to create more compact plants and a higher concentration of flowers on their branches. This effect is perfect for indoor crops, giving your plants a more manageable structure and all of the buds will be closer to the lights.

It’s compatible with drip irrigation systems thanks to being a 100% soluble solution. You can apply it on all sorts of growing mediums; hydroponic, aeroponics, NFT, coco and soil.

Consult Grotek’s complete cultivation guide to correctly alternate Blossom Blaster with their base fertilizers. Solo-Tek Bloom, Bloom Fuel, Monster Bloom and Heavy Bloom will give your plants enough nutrients to ensure exceptional results.

Dosage and how to use Blossom Blaster by Grotek:

  • You’ll need to add 1mg to 10L of water and mix well.
  • Once the first flowers appear, you’ll need to water each plant with ½ liter of the resulting solution.
  • Repeat after two weeks.

Attention: Do not mix with other products or add it to other fertilizer mixtures. It is used only with water. Do not apply to the leaves.

Blossom Blaster by Grotek’s composition:

NPK: 0-39-25

  • 39% Fósforo.
  • 25% Potasio.

ATTENTION! Grotek has majorly renewed their nutrient line, having come up with new compositions for their entire line of products and have even changed some of their names. Blossom Blaster will still be available in powdered form, but now you can also buy Blossom Blaster Pro, which comes in liquid format along with a smoother concentration, allowing for foliar application.

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