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Final Flush by Grotek is a rinsing solution to eliminate the accumulation of salts in any growing medium to enhance the taste of your favorite marijuana variety.

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Final Flush by Grotek is a special rinsing liquid to eliminate the accumulation of salts in any growing medium to enhance the taste of your favorite marijuana variety It eliminates the undesired effects of nutrient accumulation in the buds, such as dryness in the mouth, metallic and spicy taste, itchy throat or headaches.

With citric and ascorbic acids to dissolve the mineral salts that have solidified in the soil or coco, or between the roots of your plants and pipes of your aeroponic and hydroponic systems.

Once your plants have finished forming the flowers and are starting to mature, just about one or two weeks before the harvest, it’s time to start rinsing the roots. In this way, you’ll deprive your plants of nutrients and force them to use their own reserves, which are accumulated in the flowers and leaves of the plant. That is why whenever you clean the roots, the main leaves yellow. It’s a sign that your plant is transporting the nutrients accumulated in them to the flowers to continue synthesizing terpenes and proteins.The taste and aroma of the final product will substantially improve.

You can choose between a neutral product or flavor enhancer specific for varieties with exotic flavours like pineapple, grape, blueberry or apple.

Dosage and usage of Grotek Final Flush:

  • Add 2mLper litre of water and abundantly irrigate the pots or containers to eliminate the salt accumulations during the last two weeks of the crop cycle.

You can do an irrigation with Final Flush any time you suspect that salts are accumulating in the substrate, it’s completely harmless to plants. You can also use it to reuse substrates.

Composition of Final Flush by Grotek:

  • 0.6% citric acid
  • 0.6% ascorbic acid

WARNING! Grotek has drastically renewed its line of nutrients and has also formulated new compositions for the entire range of products, even changing the name of some of them. FINAL FLUSH (0-0-0 NPK) keeps its name and its efficiency.


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