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Heavy Bud Pro by Grotek is an additive for the flowering stage that provides sugars and trace elements so that the flowers gain consistency and improve their aroma.

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Heavy Bud Pro by Grotek is a powerful supplement, that is applied during the flowering stage, with large amounts of sugars and trace elements so that the buds gain consistency and improve their aroma. Your crop will increase its quantity and improve its quality.

Apply Heavy Bud Pro in combination with Monster Bloom to provide the density needed by the cells to produce even more compact and larger flowers.

Carbohydrates and trace elements are an essential part of the synthesis of numerous molecules that form part of cell structures, DNA and terpenes, which are responsible for the aroma and flavor of the buds.

Heavy Bud Pro will provide your plants with the sugars necessary to concentrates all their strength in the buds, that will grow heavier, harder and full of flavour. Your crops will experience an awesome improvement, unlike that achieved by only using a PK like Monster Bloom. 

Dosage and usage of Heavy Bud Pro by Grotek:

  • Add 5mL per literre to the irrigation water during the 4th or 5th flowering week, depending on the variety. Apply it until the end of the crop.

It’s used in combination with the rest of the Grotek nutrient products, such as Monster Bloom and Solo-tek Bloom.

Composition of Heavy Bud Pro by Grotek:

NPK 0-1-2

  • 1% Phosphorus
  • 2% Potassium

WARNING! Grotek has drastically renewed its line of nutrients and has also formulated new compositions for the entire range of products, even changing the name of some of them. Cambiando en algunos de ellos también el nombre. HEAVY BLOOM (0-1-2 NPK) has been renamed to HEAVY BUD PRO (1-0-3 NPK).

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