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Growth Booster by Grotek is a powerful growth stimulator that speeds up your plant’s growth with just one dose and making them produces very large leaves.

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Vegetative Growth Booster by Grotek is a very powerful growth stimulator that speeds up the development of your plants. Use just one dose per specimen once in the crop cycle. You’ll see how they grow like crazy, their leaves becoming huge to capture as much light they can.

Grotek’s "Blue Salt" is ideal for indoor crops, where it’s crucial that your plants take full advantage of the energy provided via the lamps. The leaves of your plants are the energy receiving “antennae” and the bigger the better, especially when it comes to maximizing their performance.

This product mustn’t be mixed with other fertilizers or additives. Mix only with water. Due to the high concentration of this product, it’s not suitable for foliar applications. Dissolve the blue salt completely in water and use immediately. It’s applied only once during the crop cycle.

Growth Booster by Grotek is 100% water-soluble and can be used with any automatic irrigation system. It’s suitable for all growing media, coco, soil, NFT, hydro and aeroponic.

Vegetative Growth Booster is now called Growth Booster. It’s changed its look and name to be more attractive, and its formula has been improved to induce a better growth.

This product must be dissolved in water, never mix it directly with the substrate.

Dosage and usage of Growth Booster by Grotek

In hydroponic and aeroponic crops:

  • Dissolve 1g per 10 litres of water (without nutrients) in the irrigation tank and apply it when the cuttings begin to grow again.
  • Apply it whenever necessary during the plant life.
  • Mix it only with water.

In coco and soil crops:

  • Dissolve 1g of blue salt in 10 litres of water and irrigate each plant with ½ litre.
  • Use it right of the bat.
  • Use it once you see the plants grow again after a transplantation.
  • Mix it only with water.

Composition of Growth Booster by Grotek:

NPK 8-39-0

  • 8% Nitrogen
  • 39% Phosphorus

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