Agrolite 150 W Dual CFL


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Category CFL lighting

Agrolite 150 W Dual CFL is meant to be used during the growth and flowering of your plants while consuming as little electricity as possible.

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Agrolite 150 W Dual CFL is an energy-saving bulb suitable for the growth and flowering of your plants. This light bulb provides a low-intensity light which is ideal for small crops, or as a reinforcement for HPS bulbs. You’ll get much more production on the lateral branches, so with just a few watts you can greatly increase the weight of your production.

With Agrolite 150 W Dual CFL, you can home grow in small tents or spaces of 60x60cm, growing up to four plants in 5.5L pots. This bulb helps the good development of the plants, which will form close internodes and compact specimens

During the flowering stage, you can bring it down to 5cm from the tip of the plant without burning the leaves, inducing a moderate production.


  • 150W

Plant stages:

  • Growth
  • Flowering

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Category CFL lighting Reference Fluorescentes Mixta Dual EAN13 04015055 UPC 20

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