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Agrolite energy-saving CFL, white-spectrum light bulb for the growth stage of your marijuana plants.

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The energy-saving CFL bulb by Agrolite is designed with a bright white spectrum, ideal for the growth stage of your plants as it mimics the spring sun. It can be used to make clones, germinate seeds or even to maintain your mother plants.

This kind of bulb doesn’t emit much heat, so you can keep your mother plants during the summer, when temperatures make the cultivation very difficult. You can also grow your clones without burning them.

It’s perfect to be placed over greenhouses or in small grow tents, because if you placed an HPS kit, you’d surely have heat problems. It’s also useful to support for other Hps equipment, placing them in less accessible areas where the light doesn’t reach.

Also, when there are temperature problems during the summer, you can replace half the of bulbs with this kind. For example, if you have 6 Hps lights, use 3 Hps bulbs and 3 energy-saving bulbs. In this way, you’ll reduce the temperature quite a lot during those seasons when you can’t do much more. Available in different powers, to fit the dimensions of your crop.

Specifications of Agrolite Energy-saving CFL (growth):

  • Brand: Agrolite
  • Ecological lamp, reduced consumption.
  • Operating life: 8000 hours
  • Integrated ballast
  • 25% energy saving
  • Lead-free glass tubes
  • Spectrum: 100% PAR, blue color.
  • Operating temperature: 6400K

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