Agrolite Energy-saving CFL (flowering)

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Energy-saving light bulb with a reddish orange spectrum, especially suitable for the flowering stage of marijuana plants. Ideal as support for HPS in inaccessible areas.

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With this type of CFL bulb by Agrolite (energy saving), you can grow your favorite plants even during the summer, as they don’t give off much heat and your crop will remain within the correct values even during the hottest months of the year.

It has a strong orange light, which will make your plants bloom as during the autumn. You can use only this bulb to grow your plants. Although it’ll be a little slower than with HPS, you can do it without problem.

But it’s really good to be placed at the lower sections of the plant so that they flower better from the sides, since you can place them near the plants without burning them. It's also ideal when you have 4 or 6 lamps. You can replace half of the lights with these bulbs when the high-temperature season comes, greatly reducing the temperature of your crop.

Don’t forget that if you replace some HPS lights with energy-saving bulbs, move your plants every few days from under the HPS to under the energy-saving bulbs, and vice versa, so all plants receive the same amount of light to achieve a more homogeneous crop.

Also, if you grow in a room, you can hang it with a cable and a lamp holder at the height of the lower part of the branches. You’ll obtain broader and very productive plants. You’ve never seen plants like these.

Specifications of Agrolite Energy-saving CFL (flowering):

  • Brand: Agrolite
  • Power: 200W
  • Ecological lamp, reduced consumption
  • Operating life: 8000 hours
  • Integrated ballast
  • 25% energy saving
  • Lead-free glass tubes
  • Spectrum: 100% PAR, color RED
  • Operating temperature: 2700K

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