Brake Pulleys – 68kg


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These Neptune Hydroponics pulleys with brake included can carry over 30kg each. They’re the best pulleys for holding heavy lights, filters or ballast shelves.

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Brake pulleys are very helpful and these ones can carry over 30kg each. They can be used to hold up heavy lights, filters, ballast shelves or anything else that might need to be hung from your grow tent’s ceiling.

You can use these pulleys to hold up heavy reflectors like the Spudnik or an OG Kush reflector, as well as large filters. To lower the pulleys all you have to do is release the break, and if you want to raise your filter or light, all you have to do is pull on a rope.

These Neptune Hydroponics pulleys are top quality and entirely safe, capable of holding more than 30kg each. Each pulley has a clasp so that you can collect it to any object that you want to hold up.

They’re strong and long-lasting, made out of resistant black plastic with a stainless steel clasp.

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