Sylvania Grolux Dual Light Bulb

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Sylvania Grolux bulb is suitable for the whole cycle of your plants, both growth and flowering.

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You’ll only need this bulb to complete the whole life cycle of your plants. Suitable for the growth and the flowering, with this bulb you won’t have to replace it every time you change the cycle.

This bulb is made to facilitate your work, or if you can’t buy two light bulbs. Still, it’s always better to use one for MH for the growth and a HPS for the flowering.

Available in 400W and 600W.


  • Light Efficiency: 149
  • PPF * Photo-Synthetic Light: 1,100
  • Visible light (lm): 90,000
  • color temperature (K): 2,050
  • Operating life (h): 26,000
  • Uses: Growth/Flowering

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Category HID grow lights (High Intensity Discharge Bulbs) Reference Bombilla Sylvania Grolux UPC 20

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