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Kit to add one rail extension, another trolley to hang your light from and a rod to connect the motor, in order to move two lights with the same motor.

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If you have a Rail Light, you have a treasure. If you used to save by lighting a 2x1m area with a single lamp, now you can make the most of it.

With the Add-a-Lamp Rail Light Kit, it will cover 4m x 1m with a single motor and two lights. The kit consists of a 2-metre rail extension, a trolley and a rod that connects one trolley to the other so the same motor will move the two lights.

An improvement that will save energy, so you will pay the investment back with a few crops, maybe even with one.

The delivery of this item can take up to 72 hours.

The Add-a-Lamp Light Rail 4.0 Kit contains:

  • Trolley 
  • 2m extension rail
  • Push-pull rod
  • Assembly parts and instruction booklet

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Category Light rail Reference Add a lamp EAN13 04085022 UPC 20

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