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Rail for your light in order to cover more space while consuming the same electrical power. Ideal for rectangular spaces where two lights won’t fit but where one wouldn’t be enough.

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This invention is an improvement for our crops, and your plants will grow like never before. By using the Light Rail 4.2, the light will move from side to side without rest, resulting in multiple advantages.

One of them is that a single light can cover as much area as two lights, so you’ll save energy and while reducing the emitted heat.

Another advantage is that you can get the light a little closer to the plants than usual. Since it isn’t fixed in a position, it doesn’t have time to burn by radiation, only the temperature will rise when the light passes through that space.

Its main advantage is that, while moving, the provided light hits the plant from different angles, making the low branches (which usually don’t get any light) receive their dose of lumens, so the production will increase. It has different accessories available, like the Add a Lamp, so that you can expand it with a splicing and a cart, thus using two lights instead of four.

It can withstand weights of up to 34kg, only if the surface it’s attached to can also bear that weight. If it’s only fixed on the edges, the maximum weight will be 16kg in order to prevent it from bending. In order to make it easier to set up, we recommend hammering a plank of wood into the ceiling as straight as possible and then attaching the rail to it so that it sits straight and you don't have any issues with the angle.

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