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With this device, you can light a two-light area with a single lamp, making the light come from different angles so the plants will develop much better.

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Now you can reduce the energy consumption of your crop with the Light Rail eco, with which you can place your indoor luminaire, covering a lager grow area.

The rail engine will work non-stop, moving the light back and forth, letting you get the lamps a little closer to your plants without burning your them. It will cover the grow area of 2 light with just one, which will greatly reduce the temperature of your crop and the energy consumption.

In addition, as the light moves, your plants receive light from spots they didn’t receive from before, making the lower branches as good as the highest ones. The Light Rail Eco provides endless benefits for your crop.

The Rail withstands weights of up to 30 kg, if properly attached with its 6 anchoring points and as long as the supporting surface can bear that weight as well. We recommend replacing the wheels every time something doesn’t work right, like friction or jumps, in order to preserve the engine life. 

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