Prima Klima Azerwing Medium 55-A


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Reach a larger grow area with the same light equipment by using a reflector with large wings.

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The LA55-A is a large reflector that covers a larger grow area than a standard reflector. AzerWings is made by Prima Klima, and has an improved design that provides multiple advantages.

It can cover up to 1.5m x 1m of crops with a 600-watt equipment, and up to 1.2x1 with a 400-watt one, making it one of the best reflectors available in its category.

It’s very easy to assemble, and it pays off quite quickly. Only when you use it in your grow room you’ll know what we’re talking about. You won’t regret buying this reflector, both for its price and for its quality.

It has a very tight angle, so that there’s no loss of light and all the beams are directed toward the plants. The light will be spread evenly around your crop, resulting in homogeneous harvests.

The top side comes with a rail that, besides being useful to hang it from wherever you want, gives a perfect shape to the sheets that make up the wings, being more uniform.

The light socket tilts forward and backward, so that if your bulb tilts due to its weight you can lift it up and make it horizontal again.

And it does all this with an 86% of reflection, quite more than other similar reflectors.

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