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Radiant is a reflector that concentrates the light down and doesn’t let it escape sideways in order to make the light penetrate the lower branches, thus increasing the production.

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The Radiant reflector provides many benefits for your crop. It’s closed and cooled by the extractor, so almost all the heat will be drawn out.

The glass is opened with hinges, in order to easily replace the bulb or to clean the glass without having to disassemble anything else, so it’s very convenient. Available in two sizes so, in case you use more than one light, you can connect a good extractor.

This reflector concentrates all the power of the bulb in about 100x80cm, and that light penetrates up to 3 layers downwards, so not only the top layer will produce buds, but all the branches will produce flowers.

  • Radiant 6 dimensions: length 54 cm, width 52 cm, height 25 cm and opening diameter 150 mm.
  • Radiant 8 dimensions: length 54 cm, width 52 cm, height 25 cm and opening diameter 200mm.

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