Raptor Reflector (6, 8 and Dual Lamp Models)

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Air-cooled reflector with an aluminium interior that will reflect 90% of the light emitted by the light bulb, evenly spread to cover a larger area with the same power. Model available for two bulbs.

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The Raptor reflector covers a large grow area with a single 600-watt bulb. Thanks to the reflector’s shape, almost all the light will be reflected down, It’s also cooled via the extraction air.

You’ll be able to place it closer to the plants so that they receive the maximum light intensity without being affected by the heat. It’s designed for cultivation and it comes completely sealed to prevent the smell from leaking outside.

Available in several opening sizes to adapt to your extraction.

Buy now the Dual Lamp model so you can use two bulbs and give your crop up to 1200W per m². A professional reflector for professional growers.


RAPTOR 6 150mm opening

RAPTOR 8 200mm opening

RAPTOR DUAL LAMP 200mm opening

Dimensions: 216 x 680 x 952mm.

The delivery takes 72h after the payment has been confirmed since it requires a special transportation.

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Category Reflectors Reference Raptor 150mm y 200mm. UPC 20

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