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With this reflector, you can place your grow light bulb so that the light that goes up bounces off the reflector, reaching your plants.

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This Standard Reflector comes with a light socket where you can place your grow light, reflecting the light down, toward your plants. This way, you will lose the least amount of lumens, making the most of your plants.

Ideal for any light bulb, as it has a special thread suitable for both HPS and energy-saving bulbs.

You can choose between the smooth and the hammertone. The smooth one reflects more in certain areas where the curve folds, letting you aim at the lower branches so they grow more.

The hammertone reflector spreads the light much more evenly, attaining a more uniform reflection.

Be sure to remove the protective plastic sticker on the reflector before plugging it into the mains.


  • Length 48cm
  • Width 38cm
  • Height 12cm

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