Shipping procedure for online orders:

When an online order is placed, we immediately detect the shipping method depending on the delivery address, which is usually the same as the billing address when the customer registers. Therefore, we have the following shipping methods, of which, automatically, one will appear by default according to your address: 

Store Pickup (Alfafar, Lleida, Palma de Mallorca): No shipping. Immediate collection. It is you who picks up the product in the store you specify (as long as there is stock of the product you have ordered in it, otherwise you will be notified when making the product by one of our managers).

Spain (Peninsula): National shipments 4€, FREE from 30€ and up (substrates not included: according to weight), delivery in 24h-48h (depending on the product). 

Spain (Balearic Islands): National shipments 10€, delivery in 3-5 days.

Spain (Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla): Domestic shipments 15€, delivery in 7-10 days.

Europe (excluding Spain): International shipments 20€, delivery in 7-10 days.

America and rest of the world: International shipping 25€, delivery in 10-20 days.

The shipping methods in Spain and Peninsula will be made through the shipping system of the company TIPSA (Economy) being subject to their special conditions.

The free shipping will be made only in national shipments within the Iberian Peninsula, with a value greater than 30 euros. For orders under 30 euros, the shipping cost is set at a fixed price of 4 euros. Shipments to Spanish archipelagos (Balearic and Canary Islands), Ceuta, Melilla and international, will have a shipping fee that will vary depending on the weight and volume of the products chosen, and the remoteness of the destination. Normally between 10 and 40 euros. 

International shipments to Europe are subject to 1 package per shipment of 40 kg. maximum (may include more than one product). For international shipments outside Europe it will depend on some factors, such as the courier policy of the destination country and the volume of the package to be shipped.

We recommend that you consult with our customer service department if you have any questions about shipping to your country. This is our goal and method to satisfy our customers.

Payment options:

Bank Transfer:

You will be able to pay the total amount of the purchase, paying by Bank Transfer in the bank SANTANDER. The payment by bank transfer must be made to in the account number that will be sent to you by e-mail once the purchase process is completed. Once the payment is verified, we will proceed to ship the merchandise immediately and with all the guarantees for your total satisfaction. Although we will send you by e-mail all the necessary information to make the transfer, we will provide you with the IBAN data and beneficiaries.

SANTANDER : ES65 0049 1344 0229 1001 1256. Beneficiary: Valdemoro Grow 2018 (Responsible Tucultivo.Net). CIF: B88230503.


Only for orders of less than one thousand euros. Shipments to the telephone number: (+34) 682 195 623. 

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies:

Payments are made through the address link to our CoinBase digital wallet. We accept payment with Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies. We establish a 5% feed to our customers when making payments through these platforms. Make payment at the indicated time. We will contact you via your billing information registered on the website.

Cash on delivery:

It is possible to make the payment of an order cash on delivery. The commission for this type of payment is 5%, and a minimum of 5€ is always charged. Therefore, for orders under 100€, the commission will be 5€. For orders over 100€, 5% will be applied. When placing an order, this information is reflected in the order so that the customer knows the amount charged.

The exact payment of the purchase will always be made to the carrier. The address for each order must be entered correctly, and our Customer Service department will call to confirm the shipment. In case of error, the order will be cancelled.

Cards accepted when making a physical purchase:

Purchases can be made using cards (Visa and Mastercard).

Payments, transfers and checks:

Your bank must charge the same amount for euro payments within the EU as for equivalent domestic transactions.

This rule applies to any transfers between bank accounts in different EU countries withdrawing cash from ATMs in EU countries

payment by credit or debit card throughout the EU direct debit transactions.

Banks established in non-eurozone EU countries must also apply this rule: they cannot charge more for a euro payment to or within an EU country than they charge for a domestic payment in the country's currency.



       Identical charges for euro payments and domestic payments.

Jakub lives in the Czech Republic and has a Czech bank account. His bank charges him CZK 5 when he makes a CZK transfer to another Czech bank account.

After returning from his vacation, Jakub has to make a transfer of 150 euros to a friend's account in France. His bank can only charge him the same amount that applies to a Czech koruna transfer made within the Czech Republic (CZK 5) or its equivalent in euros.


Secure online payments:

If you want to make an online payment for an amount over EUR 30, you must use a combination of at least two authentication elements:

something you have (a cell phone or card reader) AND something you learn (a PIN code or password).

something you have (a cell phone or card reader) AND something personal (fingerprint)

something you learn (a PIN code or password) AND something personal (fingerprint).

Payments are thus safer and better protected.

Fees for using your card:

In the EU, when paying by credit or debit card, merchants and banks cannot charge you fees ("surcharges") just for using a certain card. The rule applies to all purchases (both in stores and online) you make with a card, whether in your own country or in another EU country.

EU rules on payment services do not apply to credit and debit cards issued by three-party systems (such as American Express or Diners Club), or to company or "corporate" cards (where the company pays): you may have to pay a fee for using them.

You should also be aware that if you pay in EU currencies other than the euro, the issuing bank may charge you a currency conversion fee if you use the card in another country. However, before you accept a purchase, your card issuer, your bank, the merchant or the website carrying out the transaction must inform you of the amount of any fees. Your card issuer must inform you of these fees in your card terms and conditions and on an easily accessible electronic platform, such as a website or mobile application.



        You don't have to pay surcharge for using your card

Clara, an Austrian citizen, wants to buy tickets online. After choosing dates on the airline's website, she prepares to pay. But once she has filled in her credit card details, it turns out that the airline charges her a surcharge of 10 euros for paying by credit card.

Clara turns to her European Consumer Center, which files a complaint with the airline. The airline refunds Clara the 10 euro surcharge and removes this illegal fee from its reservation system.


Payment and card fraud:

EU rules limit the amount you may have to pay if you are a victim of payment or card fraud (payments with your card or debits to your account that you have not authorized). In all cases, the maximum you can be charged for the cost of the fraudulent transaction is 50 euros.

However, if you were unaware of the loss, theft or misappropriation (for example, if someone hacked into your account or cloned your card to pay without your knowledge), you do not have to pay anything. All costs must be borne by the bank or card issuer. The same rule applies if the person responsible for the loss is an employee of the bank.

Blocking amounts on your card:

Sometimes, when making reservations at hotels or renting vehicles, in order to guarantee the reservation they may ask for your card details. Similarly, when making a reservation, the merchant may want to block a certain amount on your card. This means that the merchant reserves a portion of your credit limit or account balance as a deposit to cover any expenses they think you may incur: room service, possible damage to the vehicle, etc.

The merchant must inform you of his intention and you must authorize it, as well as the exact amount that will be blocked.

Once you have made the actual payment (at the end of your stay and pay for the room with your card, when you return the car and pay the final bill, etc.), the bank must immediately release the blocked amount on your credit card.



               Blocked amounts must be released as soon as you have paid

Boris, a Hungarian citizen, spends a weekend with his girlfriend in Venice. When he checks in at the hotel, the front desk takes his credit card details. The hotel informs Boris of its intention to block 500 euros to cover his reservation and any use during his stay of the minibar and restaurant services. Boris agrees to have this amount blocked on his card.

Before leaving the hotel, Boris pays the bill with his card. A week later, when he tries to book flights, Boris realizes that the 500 euros are still blocked on his credit card. Boris complains by phone to the hotel, which apologizes and asks the bank to immediately release the blocked amount.


Direct debits

If you have authorized direct debits on your bank account, there may be payments in error or for the wrong amounts: for example, if you cancel a contract with a supplier and a direct debit is executed after the contract has been terminated. In such situations, you are entitled to a refund within eight weeks. The rule applies to all direct debits, both those made in your own country and cross-border to another EU country.

What to do in case of problems:

If you have problems making payments in the EU, contact your bank or card issuer. They should respond in writing to your complaint within 15 days (35 in certain exceptional circumstances). They must also have an established complaints procedure available to consumers.

If you need help getting your rights recognized, you can contact the FIN-NET network (problems with financial service providers) or the CEC network (problems with merchants).


European regulations on bank charges for domestic and international payments do not apply to checks.

Fees for cashing checks issued in another EU country are sometimes very high. In many countries checks are no longer accepted as a means of payment.

Guarantee of the products purchased on TUCULTIVO.NET:

All the products offered on the web page enjoy the commercial guarantee of the supplier of the product. TUCULTIVO.NET has an after-sales service, while the guarantee is still in force, the client can execute it by contacting the TUCULTIVO.NET establishment, the after-sales service, by email to or to the points established by the supplier. In case of doubt, the client can contact the customer service telephone number or the e-mail address previously provided, which is dedicated to all types of assistance.

How to use a Discount Coupon:

When you are filling in all the data, shipping address and confirmation of your cart, in the order summary you will see a section that says "Do you have a promotional code?", put your discount coupon there and click "Add" to apply it correctly. Free seeds with your purchase: We are working on the service. For the purchase of any product on, you will be rewarded with the gift of 1 seed of your choice, provided that the purchase does not exceed 50 euros. In this case, in addition to free shipping, you will also be able to enjoy up to 3 seeds of your choice. And for the purchase of a cart of more than 100 euros, you can enjoy up to 10 free seeds of your choice.

Canna products promotion:

In collaboration with the Canna brand of growing products, just for being our customer and making a purchase over 20 euros, you can enjoy the choice of one of the following three Canna brand gifts of your choice: Canna key chain (key ring), Rhizotonic 125ml root stimulant, or Canna black airtight container for transport.

Purchases by phone or via Whatsapp:

You can contact us for any questions, but we kindly ask you to place your order from the website. We recommend using the online system as it is much easier and faster. Remember that as soon as the transaction is confirmed, we will take care of the rest, and, in 24h you will have the order at home if it is within the peninsular terms established above.

Chat system and web assistance, how does it work?

The great majority of people do not like to wait too much time to solve a doubt or problem. In we know that our clients need an answer in the shortest time possible, that is why the chat and assistance system is one of the fastest options to solve all your doubts. Another reason why we offer chat support is that contacting us is completely free and accessible from any PC, Tablet or cell phone with internet connection. 

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