12-outlet Drip Manifold - 25mm


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“Jellyfish” dripper with 12 outlets with which you’ll be able to use a drip irrigation system by connecting it to a 25mm tube.

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These drippers have 12 25mm outlets, making it the perfect way to automate the watering of your plants, whether they’re indoors or outdoors. Thanks to automatic watering you can rest assured that your plants will be watered even if you’re far away. The humidity in your substrate will be kept under control depending on the frequency that you’ve programmed in your irrigation system with a timer; if done properly your plants won’t suffer stress due to drying out or being over watered.

This system is extremely simple and easy to install, all you need is a water tank, a 25mm watering tube, a water pump, a timer and the “jellyfish” dripper. It’s extremely easy to measure and cut the tube to then attach it to the 12 outlet dripper.

Once that’s done, you’ll have to check place the watering pipes in each flowerpot and check the water flow of each dripper to make sure that all of your plants are getting the same amount of water. You’ll also need to check how long you should leave automatic watering on for so as to not soak the substrate.

Once you’ve completed these easy steps you’ll be able to watch your plants grow at a nice steady rythym, giving you more time to do other things, leaving the boring task of watering behind. Make sure that your tank is full and don’t forget to regulate the pH for a fast crop growth.

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