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Mini-Ozon is an ozone generator for small rooms that eliminates all bad odors by simply plugging it into an outlet.

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King Ozono Mini-Ozon, wired, is a small ozonizer ideal to be placed anywhere, such as on a piece of furniture at the entrance of your house or bedroom. It can be also hung vertically on the wall. Its operation can be regulated thanks to an analogic timer, which is not included.

This little black ozonizer, very discrete and that looks almost like a laptop transformer, is able to cover a small room and eliminate the odor particles, mites, viruses and bacteria present in the air. It gets rid of them immediately, leaving the air clean and fresh. Ozone gas oxidizes particles which fall to the ground and disappear. By simply plugging our Mini-Ozon ozonizer it will begin to work. It is so effective that growing smells disappear completely. It is mainly useful for those days when buds are drying and the odor becomes very strong.

Say goodbye to bad odors if you also smoke at home. You can plug it from time to time for a few hours with the windows closed so it can eliminate the smell of curtains, mattresses, couches, clothes, etc.

Very important: never place the ozonizer inside the grow room or tent because it would affect  the taste of our buds considerably, leaving them almost tasteless and odorless.

Characteristics of Mini-Ozon PLUS:

  •          Basic produces 9mg/H –for 10m2 rooms.
  •          Plus produces 18mg/H –for 20m2 rooms.

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