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Forget about the odors from your extraction system by using a Uvonair CD-100, 1 crown. It will let you eliminate all sorts of odors in an flow extraction of up to 600m3/h.

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Installing a Uvonair CD-1000 1 crown ozonizer in your air extraction system will allow you to forget about the possibility of being discovered as a consequence of smells reaching the street. You will also avoid nosy people as they will not be able to smell our plants, not even when being close to our grow op.

The ozone gas produced by ozonizers oxidizes the surfaces of all particles that cross its path. In addition to odors, viruses, bacteria and mites, it can also destroy electrical devices such as extractors and bulbs. Never let the gas go into your cooltube or your extractor if you want to keep them working as long as they should.

It has one ceramic crown that needs no maintenance, it only needs being cleaned from time to time, yearly more or less, so that dirt not to accumulate. It is recommended to use an odor filter to prevent dust from getting into our Uvonair. In this way, you'll have your ozonizer for life. You simply have to clean the filter's sleeve after every harvest so it can breathe well and  the active coal filter can work properly.

This ozonizer is 250mm in diameter, so you can install it in extractors of that diameter as long as flow rates do not exceed 1,100m3/h; if they do, you may need a bigger one to support that air flow. It might get up to 1,800m3/h but we cannot ensure it will be able eliminate all the smells at the end of flowering stage.

This electrical device merely consumes 24w, so your electricity bill will not increase much.

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