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Ozotres Wall Ozonizer will let you eliminate bad odors and  purify the air in enclosed spaces such as bedrooms or unventilated areas.

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By means of this wall ozonizer by Ozotres, you will say goodbye to bad odors in common areas such as the dining room, bedroom or entrance hall of your home. How many times has marihuana smell reaching the street or the landing of your stairs when leaving home?! At last you can smoke your joints without disturbing anyone.

It works 100% for all sorts of odors such as tobacco, fuel or any volatile odor particle however strong it is. The manufacturer guarantees it can even be used in growing spaces. If you place it 2 meters above the ground level, it will make your crop odorless even to the most trained noses. To tell you the truth, we are not so sure and we would not take the risk of spoiling our harvest or getting almost odorless buds because of ozone gas; we'd better place it outside the grow room to keep the air of our homes clean.

Power of Ozotres Wall Ozonizer:

  • Class 1: 15W, 1 Lamps, 250mg, 30m2 grow.
  • Class 4: 30W, 4 Lamps, 800mg, 100m2 grow.

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