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Set this saucer under your pots and say goodbye to mopping the water drips on the floor every time you water your plants. Keep your growing space clean more easily.

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Place a saucer under your pots and forget about cleaning water on the floor every time you irrigate your plants. Although you mustn't let the stagnant water in the saucer for long, it will be much more practical to empty the saucer than mopping the floor every time.

When the soil inside the pots has dried out in excess, all the water you pour on it falls down and finishes in the saucer. A good technique is pouring this water over the plant again until the soil starts absorbing it.

You can also use saucers to fill them with water and irrigate your plants from the bottom, that is, by capillarity. It is not a system we recommend unless you know how to do it right since it is important to add enough water but making sure it's absorbed and doesn't stay in the plate (which will cause the roots to rot).

We stock saucers of 3 different sizes: 

  • 13/15 for 3.5L pots
  • 18/20 for 5L and 7L (a bit too tight for the last one) pots
  • 21/23 for 7L and 11L pots

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