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SubCulture by GHE is a revolutionary microorganism-based product that protects and renews the roots of your plants by preventing fungi attacks and rotting.

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SubCulture of GHE is a product with microorganisms that protect and revitalize the roots of your plants and counter the attacks of fungi in the growing medium. The root system of your plants will grow vigorously and visibly healthier.

The different bacteria that made this product will form a physical layer on the roots of your plants, protecting them and sharing with them nutritious substances. It’s a symbiosis that benefits your plants and the microorganisms. What ones can’t use is food for the others and vice versa.

In soil, they multiply very quickly and you’ll see the results after a couple of applications with the irrigation. Your plants will grow faster and stronger while showing a healthy and shiny green color . It’s ideal to prepare your plants for an explosive flowering and to ensure that their stems and branches support the weight of the buds.

In hydro, it’s necessary to provide the microorganisms with a medium where they can reproduce and remain viable in the irrigation water, since the extreme conditions of the recirculation system don’t allow them to live for long. Usually, an active-carbon filter is used. If your system drains the water, it’s advisable to add at least a 10% of coco fibre to your substrate along with arlite (clay balls), so they can reproduce and produce the effects you want.

Dosage and usage of SubCulture by GHE

In soil:

  • Add 1g (half a teaspoon) in 15 litres of water, stir well and irrigate the plants.

Soak the seeds in the solution for and early inoculation. With cuttings, use from the first moment they have roots.

In hydroponics:

  • Add 10g of SubCulture in 150 litres of water, stir well and irrigate your plants as usual.

Remember that for bacteria to remain alive in your irrigation system, it’s necessary to provide a medium where they can reproduce, such as a carbon filter or coconut fibre.

Composition of SubCulture bGHE

  • Mix of microorganisms

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