Cornwall Digital Timer to Control the Lighting


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Time the ventilation, irrigation and even the lighting of your crop with this digital timer, programmable in minute, for each day of the week. It has 8 on/off programmes to best suit your needs.

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Digital timer programmable in minutes, ideal to control your automatic irrigation and for many other uses.

It can be used to control both the lights and the extraction and ventilation of the crop, but it’s ideal to control the irrigation because of its many programmes and ways to be programmed. You can use it to irrigate for just a minute on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, for example.

If you plan to control grow lights, don’t connect more than lamp if you want it to last, since the relay may overheat, cutting the current.

Its operation is simple once you know how it works. We’ve uploaded an explanatory video to our Youtube channel so that you can learn how to set it in time and make it work. 

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