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Light Silver by Cultibox is the most affordable grow tent out there, making it perfect for beginners that are on a tight budget.

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The Cultibox light Silver grow tents are low-cost tents that are perfect if you’re looking to start growing, especially if you don’t have a room to grow in or some way to keep light out.

These are the cheapest grow tents on the market, which is obvious in the finish and final quality of the material, which isn’t the best out there, but for this amazing price it’s honestly worth it if you’re a beginner.

This grow tent is actually quite good for mother plants, for drying cannabis or for any grower that’s looking for a cheap little cubby to start growing without needing to spend too much money.

Light Silver by Cultibox is an easy-to-assemble tent, with a decent structure that can hold up reflectors such as the Adjust-a-Wings Enforcer. To finish your grow kit you’ll need some timers and an extractor that can give your plants fresh air.


  • Matte reflective interior
  • Adjustable 200mm ports
  • Passive ventilation grids

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