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SG-Combi by Cultibox is a modular grow tent that allows you to stack various tents together and make as big a tent as you need.

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SG-Combi by Cultibox is a quality grow tent that’s quite unique, as you can stack as many as you want side by size or in any shape you’d like to make your grow are as big or as small as you need it to be.

They’re also extremely easy to set up and they’re made up of the best materials, so you can easily install your lighting kit, extractor and odor filter without breaking the bars; they’ll put up with them perfectly even if they have quite a light structure.

They’re reinforced with strong tarp to ensure that no light gets in or out. The interior is reflective, reflecting 95% of the light back on your plants, so you won’t need to add anything extra.

Cultibox has this grow tent down to the very last detail, with adjustable ports for air extraction, a reflective floor, and many ports for watering and other accessories. Available in various sizes so that you can get the right one you need.


  • Apart from the door, you can remove the walls to connect it to a tent of the same size.
  • Diamond reflective interior.
  • Adjustable ports for ventilation.
  • Passive ventilation grids.
  • Openings for watering systems.
  • Sides and back have zips.

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