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The Cultibox Open 120x120x200cm Grow Tent is the best choice for those that need a quality grow tent at a low price.

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Cultibox Open 120 x 120 is a top-quality, low-price grow tent where you can grow your marijuana plants in a decent amount of space (1.2m x 1.2m x 2m). The materials used are proper quality, ensuring that light can neither get inside nor filter from the inside out. The inside is a metallic reflecting material, helping the light bounce around inside and be absorbed by your plants, therefore getting the biggest production rate possible.

This tent has a round door, like most others, opened from top to bottom. On the other side there’s another opening that is opened from the middle to the sides, through which you should be able to access any of your plants, regardless of where they’re placed, without having to move them around.

It also has a large quantity of 200mm air inlets and outlets so that you can install ventilation systems, irrigation systems, Co2…

It’s extremely easy to set up and it includes everything you need to do it yourself. It also includes two ropes from which you can hang your filter, which is usually the heaviest part of the tent.

Be careful while setting it up and try not to pull the chutes attached to the ventilation holes due to how fragile they are.

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