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GT Grow Tents are top quality tents for your cannabis plants. They’re opaque and do a great job of reflecting light on the inside. Made out of resistant aluminum, these tents can easily hold any accessories you attach to them.

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Grow Tent is a completely opaque tent with plenty of light reflection on the interior. The bars are made out of strong aluminum that can easily hold up with the weight of all of the accessories you need. These tents are perfect for growing cannabis in small spaces and getting large yields in record times.

These tents are professionally made so that you can grow your plants carefully and meticulously. It’s extremely easy to put together, and it has many ports on the sides so that you can connect your air filtration system and passive ventilation grids.

The zips on these tents are highly resistant and won’t break no matter how many times you need to check on your indoor grow. Its opaque cover allows you to keep the light period inside set to whatever you want, and nobody will be able to tell from the outside. Its 100% reflective interior (including the floor) allows the light to reflect back onto the plants.

These grow tents are an affordable, professional option for those that are looking to start growing or to get a new grow tent. Top quality results with little effort!


  • Silver reflective interior.
  • Adjustable extraction ports.
  • Passive ventilation grids.
  • Zips on the sides.
  • Various sizes available.

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